Toshi Neko Series: Nekoro 4" Vinyl Art Collectible

Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx

  • $ 44.99

Back with the third figure from our Toshi Neko Series by Singaporean artist and bosom friend, Clogtwo, meet our cute lil’ kitty—Nekoro! Known to be the most benign of the clowder, Nekoro is often spotted on the streets with his loyal companion, capturing the hearts of people with his kind nature! With his adorable round eyes and pink pointy ears, this grey, bewhiskered kitten is sure to win your heart over with his best friend.

Hurry adopt him and his pal today to create your purrfect lil’ home!
4" / 10cm Tall Vinyl Art Collectible 
Limited Edition of 200 

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