Toshi Neko Series: Alley Kat 4" Vinyl Art Collectible

Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx

  • $ 44.99

Meet Toshi Neko—a special breed of street cats dominating our urban jungle! This feline community is out to command and conquer every household and human in the city, crowning themselves as kings and queens of the castle. The clowder of cats have no qualms about their misdeeds, suffocating us with their cuteness and influencing our thoughts with their crafty mind games. Leading the way with this new series is Alley Kat—the one that knows every corner and alley at the back of his hands. While the most cunning of the lot, Alley Kat is definitely a survivor! A glutton by nature, he cons his way through every shop in town just to feed his insatiable appetite.

4" / 10cm Tall Vinyl Art Collectible 
Limited Edition of 200 

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